iSolem 4 LEDs Super Bright Battery Motion Wall Light – Rechargeable Stick Anywhere Nightlight

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Nightlights can help your family move safely through your home in the dark, but ordinary nightlights can waste energy or be a nuisance. If you leave them illuminated all night, they can interfere with sleep or needlessly increase your energy bill by lighting up areas when no illumination is necessary. If you turn them off until you need them, you have to fumble in the dark to try and find a switch or button, which is the last thing you want to do when you just want to grab a midnight snack or use the bathroom.

Doesn’t it seem like there should be a better way to light up your home at night?

Well, we’ve developed one! It’s the iSolem Motion Sensor LED Wall Light, and it’s the perfect solution for adding light to any room of your home as well as to closets, cars, tents and anywhere else!

iSolem Motion Sensor LED Wall Light is equipped with four very bright 2835 warm LED lights and a motion sensor. The motion-sensing light can detect movement up to 3 meters away and will automatically switch the light on to illuminate the area. Within 15 seconds of the motion stopping, the motion-sensing light automatically turns off to save energy and restore complete darkness. The front of the USB charger LED light comes off for fast recharging with the included cable. There is even an LED charging indicator to tell you when the battery is at full capacity.

Powered by a lithium battery, iSolem Motion Sensor LED Wall Light requires no cords or wiring for use. In fact, it’s a USB charger LED light, so you don’t even need to worry about replacing disposable batteries to continue benefiting from its illumination. With its double-sided self-adhesive tape, the rechargeable LED light is quick and simple to install anywhere.

Light up your home and anywhere else the energy efficient, simple way with the best rechargeable LED light nightlight! Order iSolem Motion Sensor LED Wall Light now.



  • LIGHT UP THE NIGHT WITH EASE Motion-sensing nightlight senses motion up to 3 meters away with a 120¡ã detection angle, so it provides illumination automatically without any need to touch a button
  • BATTERY SAVING AUTO SHUTOFF Motion sensor light turns off 15 seconds after movement stops, so you’ll never waste the battery or have to turn the light off
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN Rechargeable LED light is powered by a lithium battery that can be charged via USB more than 500 times; LED lights conserve energy, lasting 1500 times longer than other lights
  • EASY TO MOUNT ANYWHERE USB charger LED light outfitted with strong, double-sided adhesive for mounting anywhere you choose! There’s no need for wires & cords; Front detaches for convenient recharging
  • ADD EXTRA LIGHTING ANYWHERE Mount the motion-sensing light in a bedroom, bathroom, hallway or the kitchen; Use it in closets, in the trunk of your car or anywhere else you need added illumination



Package Contents:

1 x iSolem TDL-7124 Motion Sensor LED Wall Light
2 x screws
2 x double-side tape
1 x USB cable(75CM)
1 x user manual



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