iSolem Personal Alarm – Emergency Self-Defense Security Alarms with 130dB Includes a Mini LED Light


  • THE LOUDEST SIREN ALARM — Noise level of 130dB with as much as 40 minutes of continuing piercing security alarm. The alarm is loud enough to attract attention even at a considerable distance if you happen to be in peril and SOS emergency scenario.
  • MINI LED FLASHLIGHT — Turn on the LED light by pressing the switch button. This light is very useful in low light areas.
  • KEYCHAIN DESIGN — Constructed of Solid, resilient ABS material. Practical and convenient keychain style and design make attaching it to keys, backpacks, lady’s handbags and even jeans much easier.
  • MULTI-USE PERSONAL ALARM–This personal alarm is perfect for Children, Students, Women, Seniors, Joggers and Night workers. It’s a security tool for traveling, hiking, camping outdoors and going for walks with the dogs.
  • GUARANTEE– Each one of our personal emergency alarm is meticulously put to the test before being shipped. Should there be any problems with quality or any reason you’re not satisfied with this device, please get in contact with us. We’ll make sure the issue is fixed or send you a full refund.

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Key Features:

①130dB ear-piercing siren alarm which can be heard as far away as 300 ft., sounding off for up to 40 minutes of nonstop ear piercing sound. Comes with 12V alkaline battery.

②Exquisite keychain design and style is ideal for use with house or car keys.

③Mini LED flashlight provides very bright lighting, switched on by pressing a button and useful for providing light to a dark space, or to locate a keyhole.

④Ideal Gift Idea – This adorable convenient mobile personal alarm is a perfect gift idea. Effective alarm design is not noticeable to potential attackers or other people.

⑤Very Versatile: School Bullying, Self-Defense, Anti-Theft, Senior Rescue and Outdoor Activities. It’s also an essential device for traveling, camping, hiking and taking the dog for a walk.

⑥The metallic pin of the ripcord is never too slack, which is great because you don’t want to accidentally activate it.

Warm Tips:

– The alarm is reusable and non-disposable. If the sound is getting weak, replace batteries immediately.

– DO NOT place close to ears as the sound of the alarm is very loud.

– The device isn’t totally waterproof, so try to keep it as dry as possible and never submerge it in water.


2 reviews for iSolem Personal Alarm – Emergency Self-Defense Security Alarms with 130dB Includes a Mini LED Light

  1. Kelly

    Very impressed with how loud and spot on it works. high recommendation if you live in a bad neighborhood

  2. April

    I really like this alarm it’s amazing how loud it is. I purchased for my daughter and I feel a lot safer knowing she has it and how easy it is to use

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