[Dual-Action] Potato Masher and Ricer, All Stainless Steel Potato Masher with Handle for easily Mashing by iSolem

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  • PEELS AND MASHES INGREDIENTS WITH EASE This stainless steel tool has a ricer and masher mix that helps create a fluffier mash that first breaks it into chunks and then makes it smoother
  • 3-in-1 DESIGN FOR EFFICIENT FOOD PREP Alongside its masher, it features a straight edge that allows you to peel hard fruits and vegetables, while the julienne peeler makes for even sized cuts
  • DURABLE BUILD This strong and long lasting tool is made from rustproof stainless steel and has a handle that is every bit as strong and entirely dishwasher safe
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED HANDLE This masher does not have a vertical grip like most others and instead has a horizontal one, so that it requires less pressure to peel and mash in a more natural way
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO STORE Because of its lightweight design, you won’t need to worry about your hand or arm becoming fatigued. It also has a hole in the handle to make it simple to hang and store
Category: SKU: HG3180


When it comes to preparing certain ingredients such as potatoes, gourds and carrots, you sometimes have no choice but to break out a number of different tools in order to complete the job. This is not only more time consuming and inconvenient, but it also means that cleanup takes longer because these tools are often small and have even smaller blades that are not dishwasher safe. If you want to save time during the food prep part of your meal preparation, look no further than the Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Masher and Peeler. This tool is designed with three-in-one functionality that makes cooking easier than ever.

The Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Masher and Peeler is a unique tool that features a ricer, peeler and masher that will allow you to prepare your food in a number of different ways depending on what you need. You can also julienne different vegetables such as carrots and squash in a more comfortable and effortless way than ever before. The handle of the Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Masher and Peeler is unique in the way that it is horizontal instead of vertical. This allows you to use it in such a way that requires less force to apply pressure and feels more natural in the hand.

The Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Masher and Peeler is made out of thick stainless steel that is sharp and easily gets the job done. It is wholly dishwasher safe and will never rust.

Make your time in the kitchen simpler when you order this Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Masher and Peeler today.

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